June, 2012 Returning to the USA!

We are pictured above as we arrived by jet to Omaha on June 11th after completing 10 years and 4 months of full time missionary service in Haiti. We praise the Lord for his faithfulness and the privilege he has given us to live and work with His precious Haitian people!

Two days after returning to Omaha, we jumped in a rental car and drove 1,000 miles to Ruidoso, NM to attend the wedding of John Hotek and Erin Mitchell.  John is Dan's cousin and a Major in the US Army.  Major and Mrs. Hotek met in New Mexico and have been living in Kansas City, MO.  They will soon relocate to the east coast where John will begin a two year state side assignment as the principle director of a school specializing in training Army personnel in supply coordination.

The wedding ended up turning into a short family reunion for Dan's family (above) as well as re connecting with cousins and Dan's aunt and uncle, Tom and Sarah Hotek. (not pictured)

Just before departing from Haiti, Joey turned 13 and some of his friends hosted a surprise birthday party for him. (above)  Along with food and cake, the boys also picked teams and engaged in an Airsoft War.  In other words, they ran around and shot each other with little guns that shoot plastic pellets. 

Joey and his friend William White (above right of Joey) share their birthday party almost every year.  This year was no exception.  However, William had been away in the States for ten months with his parents Will and Julie White while they were home itinerating with their mission, Missionary Aviation Fellowship.  The boys were very excited to see each other after such a long time and have the chance to share their birthdays once again before Joey returned to the USA with his parents to begin living there. 

You may recall the story of how Pastor Jean St Cyr began ministering to displaced people in Haiti’s largest Tent Camp beginning immediately after the 2010 earthquake. Thanks to many of you who participated in earthquake relief, we were the first ministry to sow funds into a permanent facility. Now, along with the congregation’s giving, others have joined and good progress is being made towards completing a two story community worship center. (above and below)


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